They’re About To Unload Punishment Requests For Rudy Giuliani

The Georgia election workers who filed a slander lawsuit against Rudy Giuliani have claimed in court documents this week that despite repeated requests from the court, Giuliani has failed to produce any evidence of voter fraud.

Poll workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss allege that Giuliani has not taken adequate measures to preserve electronic evidence in the case. Both women worked in Fulton County during the 2020 election. As a result, they want the case’s presiding judge, U.S. District Court Judge Beryl Howell, to punish Giuliani severely.

An email chain from December 7, 2020, in which then-Trump aide Boris Epshteyn conveyed an urgent POTUS request to a number of associates asking for examples of suspected election fraud, is an example of material not given over.

According to Giuliani, at least 30,000 votes were stolen in Georgia because a security camera in Atlanta caught Freeman and Moss allegedly manipulating ballots.

An email from Giuliani to Epshteyn dated December 13, 2020, according to Georgia election workers, is a crucial piece of proof. According to the email, Giuliani endorsed a statement written by Trump’s legal team in which they repeated their assertion that there were “30,000 illegal ballots cast after the observers were removed.” 

After Trump’s baseless election fraud claims in 2020, Freeman and Moss have come under fire for their perceived criminality. The claims made against the wo poll workers in Fulton County were found to be baseless after an investigation by three law enforcement agencies (the Georgia Secretary of State’s office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the Georgia Bureau of Investigation). 

The election workers claim Giuliani’s action was disrespectful to the court and seriously harmed their ability to present their case. They formally requested that Howell grant them a win in the case by issuing a default judgment, the worst sentence possible.

A spokeswoman for Mayor Giuliani said that the lawyer’s request is part of a more extensive campaign to silence and discredit him because of his courage in questioning and confronting the status quo.

Ted Goodman, a political advisor to Mayor Rudy Giuliani, claims that the lawyers’ requests were purposefully unreasonable and went outside the lawsuit’s scope to harass and intimidate Giuliani.

Giuliani led Trump’s effort to cast doubt on the results of the 2020 election by alleging widespread voter fraud. As of last Friday, the D.C. Bar Association has called for Giuliani’s disbarment, citing his substantial undermining of the administration of justice.