These Three Famous People Left California For Republican States

( California has become kind of a meme in recent years, but not without good reason. Through Democrat mismanagement at a state level, California has become one of the most highly-taxed parts of the country…and people don’t really get much for their money.

Amid rising homelessness and crime, many people are looking to get out. A poll from the Institute of Government Studies at U.C. Berkeley found that 74% of California’s conservative voters say that they are looking at moving away from the state, and 84% of those cite political issues in California as a driving factor behind that decision.

It’s not just conservatives, either. The poll found that over half of voters aged between 18 and 39 have considered moving out of state, with over 80% of those citing the high cost of housing.

In 2020, some well-known popular figures also announced they would be leaving California…and they’re not the fuddy duddy conservatives you might expect. Let’s take a look at three famous people leaving California for redder pastures!

  1. Blaire White

Trans YouTuber Blaire White is a conservative…sort of. She writes for The Post Millennial and has a hugely popular YouTube channel in which she talks about life as a trans woman and political issues relating to the radical trans agenda, which she opposes.

White is a controversial figure but only because she stands up to the radical left and trans activists, and it’s that experience that made her a conservative. She is also now leaving California for redder pastures. What makes this even more shocking is that White was born and raised in California…but after being physically assaulted in the street by leftists on numerous occasions, it probably makes sense to leave.

  1. Joe Rogan

After signing a deal with Spotify to move his hugely popular podcast over to their streaming platform, comedian Joe Rogan left California and moved to Texas. Rogan cited the high taxes in the state and the excessive lockdown measures taken at the outbreak of the Chinese coronavirus as the primary reasons why he chose to leave.

Now, Rogan has a brand new set and is living in Republican Texas. He has even said in the past that he would vote for Trump over Biden, so while he might not be a conservative, he’s certainly not a far-leftist…at least, not in the cultural sense. He did previously express his support for socialist Bernie Sanders.

Even leftists are sick of leftist California!

  1. Ben Shapiro

Perhaps the most surprising of the three is Ben Shapiro, conservative author and political commentator. Shapiro, who is also the host of The Ben Shapiro Show on The Daily Wire moved to Nashville, Tennessee, in September 2020. It came as part of a bigger announcement that the entire Daily Wire team would be moving out of California and permanently making Nashville their base.

Shapiro, like White, is from California and has regularly called it the most beautiful state…so it must have taken a lot to make the decision!