“The View” Wouldn’t Allow Fox Star On Show Because She Wasn’t Vaxxed

(JustPatriots.com)- ABC is having a tough time finding a self-respecting conservative woman who is willing to put up with the shrieking Leftist hens from The View to replace nominal conservative Meghan McCain. And according to the Daily Beast, one possible replacement ABC considered was dropped like a hot rock when she told ABC that she would not get the COVID vaccine.

Fox News contributor Lisa Marie Boothe was in the running to be the conservative woman the other three witches of Macbeth gang up on during The View. But after she was interviewed by ABC News and executives from The View, the interview process stopped once Boothe’s position on mandatory vaccines “became apparent.”

Refusing to be vaccinated with a COVID vaccine that doesn’t prevent someone from getting COVID is a “non-starter” for ABC which has “strict policies” mandating the useless vaccine.

Boothe would have been too much for those biddies on The View to handle even if she was vaccinated. She’s no milquetoast Republican. Instead, Boothe is an outspoken conservative who has been just as vocal about her opposition to mandatory vaccinations as she has been about the government’s COVID lockdowns.

It’s odd that ABC News and The View would even consider Boothe to begin with. It isn’t as if she’s been quiet on her views regarding required vaccinations and the bungling COVID response from the government.

In November, Boothe penned an op-ed at Newsweek titled “Why I’m Not Vaccinated” in which she argued that, as a healthy woman of 36, statistically, COVID poses no “meaningful threat to my life.” Boothe questioned the sense of getting a vaccine for a virus she has a 99.97 percent chance of surviving, especially given the potential risks associated with the vaccines.

Boothe already has natural immunity having contract COVID. Requiring her to get vaccinated for a virus she already had is anti-science.

Liberal media people laughably believe the reason The View can’t find a conservative woman to join the cackling witches is that there are no conservative women who are up to the task.

In reality, no conservative woman with the sense God gave a goat would put up with those vicious harpies no matter how much ABC News might be willing to pay them.