“The View” Suggests Trump Targeted Geraldo Rivera Over Race

As explained by a report, former Fox News host Geraldo Rivera and The View co-host Sunny Hostin argued over whether or not former President Donald Trump is the “racist” Hostin and her co-hosts claim he is.

Rivera said that Trump was his buddy up to the 2020 election and that Trump had been kind to him even when Rivera participated in Trump’s hit reality program “Celebrity Apprentice.”

Losing the 2020 race, Rivera said, was a watershed event because it was the time when Trump turned into a “crazy” guy.

Behar cackled and said Trump was crazy before 2020.  

Hostin chimed in, saying he had always been a racist and a sexist.

Rivera said Trump was always friendly to him, but he proceeded to throw Trump under the bus by agreeing with the women.

Hostin asked if Trump knew Rivera was Puerto Rican, implying that Trump may have treated Rivera differently if he had been aware of his Puerto Rican heritage. Rivera answered her by speaking about the widespread support for Trump among Puerto Ricans.

According to a report, after 23 years, Geraldo Rivera has decided to leave Fox News.

Rivera announced his impending departure from The Five in a video tweet on his boat.  He said The Five had decided to fire him. Consequently, that’s why he was done with Fox.  He said he would have more to say about it the following day on Fox and Friends.   

After Rivera’s verbal assault on Tucker Carlson last month, his scheduled appearances on “The Five” were unexpectedly canceled.

In May, Rivera said he didn’t mean any harm to anybody, but he thought Tucker Carlson’s “perverse” concepts about the events of January 6 were complete and utter “bullshit.” 

A report shows Rivera did not express goodwill toward Tucker Carlson after his dismissal from FOX News. Instead, he attacked Carlson’s integrity for disclosing some facts about what took place on January 6, 2021.

Perhaps Geraldo Rivera will now have more time to enjoy his love of exploring secret vaults.