“The View” Hosts Doesn’t Like Anyone Challenging Diane Feinstein

(JustPatriots.com)- Last week, California Democrat Congresswoman Katie Porter announced her bid to run for Senate in 2024 whether or not Senator Dianne Feinstein retires.

Despite approaching 90, Senator Feinstein has not said whether she plans to retire when her current term ends. While Democrat Adam Schiff said he is considering running for the Senate in 2024 if Feinstein decides not to seek another term, Porter didn’t bother waiting before tossing her hat into the ring.

After Porter announced her campaign, the harpies on ABC’s “The View” expressed surprise that Katie Porter didn’t wait for Feinstein to retire before announcing her campaign.

Co-host Sunny Hostin said Democrats shouldn’t run for the Senate seat unless Feinstein announces she is retiring. She pointed out that Hakeem Jeffries waited for Nancy Pelosi “to sort of bless him and say, yes, I’m gonna step down” before he tried for Speaker of the House.

Calling Feinstein “a lion of the Senate,” Hostin said she was surprised that Porter “wouldn’t get her blessing first” before she filed papers to run.

Loath to criticize any Democrat, co-host Sara Hines suggested that maybe Porter did have a private conversation with Feinstein before she announced her candidacy. Joy Behar piped in to praise Katie Porter’s great political skills.

The nominal “conservative” of the bunch, Alyssa Farah Griffin, however, criticized Porter’s timing, saying she should stand in support of Dianne Feinstein.

Griffin also questioned Porter’s timing given California is currently facing deadly flooding that cost 17 people their lives. She said Senator Feinstein put out a statement saying she wouldn’t announce her decision for 2024 because she was focused on the flooding. Griffin suggested that Feinstein’s statement was throwing “a bit of shade” on Porter by saying, “like I’m doing work for my home.”

Griffin also questioned why Porter announced her campaign just days after being sworn in for another term in the House.

Behar argued that our system of government is “stupid,” noting that Supreme Court justices serve lifetime terms while members of the House have to run every two years.

Yeah, she’s that dumb.

Sarah Haines suggested that Senator Feinstein should step down to clear the way for a younger candidate to take her place.