“The Simpsons” Launches Nasty Attack On Republicans

(JustPatriots.com)- In the season finale of The Simpsons, the writers decided to crap on over half the country by attacking Fox News host Tucker Carlson, vilifying Republicans, and claiming Americans vote for “gun nuts and climate deniers.”

Remember when The Simpsons was funny?

The finale for the show’s 33rd season included a musical number bemoaning the death of the middle class that was led by actor Hugh Jackman and featured the small-statured left-wing economist Robert Reich.

And it hit all the Democrat talking points. Tucker Carlson was portrayed as a Putin stooge. The Republican Party was described as a bunch of Q-Anon lunatics, “con men and liars.” And the only reason Americans vote for them is because “we’re incredibly easy to scare.”

Lisa Simpson rapped about student loans making people poor while forcing them to choose between healthcare and rent. Then the teeny tiny Reich chimed in, claiming that Republican tax breaks went to the very rich and nothing trickled down to “average Joes.”

Watch HERE.

Hollywood never learns.

This push to use “entertainment” as a vehicle for Democrat Party propaganda convinces nobody of anything. Instead, it feeds the far-left the heaping helping of confirmation bias that they desperately crave while infuriating more than half the country.

And while the dwindling Democrat voters will eat it up with a spoon, everyone else will turn it off.