The Department of Justice (DOJ) said Thursday that two former FBI

( According to an FBI search warrant application, an Iraqi man and suspected ISIS operator planned to kill former President George W. Bush. He purportedly smuggled a team of assassins across the easily penetrated southern border.

The March 23 application released this week accuses ISIS operative Shihab Ahmed Shihab of traveling from Columbus, Ohio, to Dallas, Texas, to stake out Bush’s residence and the George W. Bush Institute. He recorded and photographed the surrounding areas in preparation for the killing.

According to the warrant, Shihab, 52, traveled to the U.S. from Iraq in 2020, seeking asylum. The claimed ISIS operator wants retribution for murdering Iraqis and fracturing the country after the 2003 invasion.

Shihab allegedly boasted about transporting Hezbollah militants for $100,000.

The suspect’s assassination plot against Bush depended on his ability to ferry terrorists through the porous southern border, the Justice Department said. Shihab allegedly exchanged money to import foreign people to the U.S. After the assassination unlawfully, Shihab allegedly intended to sneak the four out of the U.S. through Mexico.

In August 202, Shihab planned to help a fellow Iraqi enter the US for $40,000. But the person seeking his services was an undercover agent and the FBI had arranged the conversation.

The court document also claimed Shihab planned to transport four more Iraqis into the U.S. to assassinate former President George W. Bush in retaliation for Iraqi casualties during ‘Operation Iraqi Freedom.’

Federal officials detected Shihab’s assassination plot by monitoring his Facebook Meta and WhatsApp messages.

This case highlights how federal investigators continue to watch ISIS threats despite American intelligence and military actions in recent years. It also reveals how the FBI, despite its claims of being prohibited from investigating significant crimes due to Meta and other tech companies’ encryption, has been able to get past WhatsApp security by deploying informants and tracking WhatsApp information.

Shihab was arrested Tuesday morning and appeared in federal court at 2:30.

After Shihab’s arrest, the White House chief of staff said, “President Bush has full trust in the Secret Service, law enforcement, and intelligence.”

The former Republican president has spent the past year persuading Republicans to support Joe Biden’s amnesty for illegal immigrants.