Texas Rapper Enchanting Dies at 26, Reason for Death Revealed

The hip-hop community is mourning a tragic loss.

26-year-old artist Enchanting from Fort Worth passed away on Tuesday.

Enchanting, whose real name is Channing Nicole Larry, is a signee of Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records. She departed the label last year despite signing with them in 2020.

The musician was reportedly on life support.

In an effort to sober up, she spent the last four days with a member of her management team, who confirmed her death on Tuesday evening. The unidentified person said, “She tried her best.”

Her boyfriend, MotionGod Bandman, shared a Facebook snapshot of the two of them when she was in the midst of her battle for survival.

In an Instagram post, Gucci Mane also acknowledged Channing’s passing, albeit he did not disclose the actual cause of death.

In his Tuesday post, he expressed his sadness at having to bid goodbye to Chant, a “great young lady” and “a true star.” He promised that everyone would miss her.

Evidently, Enchanting’s profile was removed from 1017’s website. According to her biography, she got her start in the music industry right after high school.

According to the rapper’s statement on the website, her style is described as “Trap-n-Blues.”

With over 660,000 monthly listens on Spotify, her music has amassed four million views on YouTube.

She was a featured artist on Gucci Mane’s 2020 mixtape, So Icy Summer.

In an interview from 2021, she revealed that she was born in Germany to Army brat parents. Her family later resided in Fort Worth, but she still considered Atlanta her home.

Enchanting, who spent much of her childhood bouncing between Atlanta and Fort Worth, Texas, began performing professionally after finishing high school and got her musical start when she was eighteen years old. She joined Mane’s 1017 Records in 2020 and released three albums with the company before leaving.

Enchanting was proud of the increasing amount of female hip-hop musicians.