Texas Governor Reveals New Texas Milestone With COVID-19

(JustPatriots)- All over the country, Republican governors are overseeing the most efficient rollouts of the COVID-19 vaccine, with Texas Governor Greg Abbott announcing on Friday that the Lone Star State had become the first state to administer over a million doses of the vaccine.

Speaking to The Daily Briefing, Abbott announced the promising news to Dana Perino. Abbott explained how residenTS over the age of 65 were now eligible to receive the vaccine in one of the state’s 28 mass vaccination centers. He said that at each center, up to 4,000 jabs could be administered per day.

“We were able to make two key pivots that allowed Texas to achieve what we have done now,” Abbott explained.

“Importantly, as of today, we have vaccinated more than 1.1 million Texans, and equally important, more than 61% of the vaccines allocated to us have been administered to Texas,” he added.

Abbott said that the state had achieved it first by changing the strategy before other states and the federal government recommended that they begin vaccinating people aged 65 and older. The Republican Governor explained how Texas chose to go down that route knowing that it would first protect the people who are most vulnerable when they contract the virus.

Secondly, he said, the state set up mass vaccination centers much more quickly than other states.

“We visit with our fellow governors all the time about different strategies, whether it be the vaccines or testing and other things,” he added. “One thing we have seen through the course of the pandemic is the governors work very collaboratively together. We all learn from each other.”

On January 11, before Texas hit the important one million dose milestone, Abbott shared photographs of his visit to Arlington’s vaccination site, which he said served as a model for a further 28 centers to be set up in 18 Texas counties.

Of the 802,507 vaccines administered at that point, 83,538 were second doses, showing just how quickly Texas has moved in protecting its people.

And with the people most vulnerable to the virus now receiving the vaccine…what excuse do the Democrats have to push for continued lockdowns?