Teens Killed And Ate A Goose, Thinking It Was A Duck, That Was Private Property

According to authorities in Manlius, New York, a group of teenagers killed and consumed one of the town’s cherished swans, Faye, during the Memorial Day holiday weekend, stating that they were “hunting.” 

The young of the swan were reported missing, but they were eventually found and returned unharmed.

Three teenagers reportedly trespassed into the Manlius Swan Pond area during the early hours of May 28 and attacked and killed Faye. At the time, she was nesting and didn’t resist much.

The teenagers, who fled Myanmar as refugees, have been charged with criminal mischief, grand larceny, conspiracy, and criminal trespassing. They may also receive further penalties from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation.

Manlius Police Sergeant Ken Hatter stated during a press conference that the swan was ultimately consumed, but he was unsure if it was due to cultural beliefs. The police said they did not delve into that too deeply. It happened; that’s all that matters.

According to him, the teenagers claimed that they thought the swan was a giant duck, and one of them had a hunting license. They were unaware that the swan belonged to the Village of Manlius. 

According to LocalSYR, the teenagers reportedly took some of the babies to the store where he was employed the following day. It is unclear whether they intended to keep them as pets or sell them.

An 18-year-old named Eman Hussan is scheduled to go to court on June 15. The court dates for the other two teenagers have not been announced yet.

Paul Whorral, the mayor of Manlius, expressed sadness over the swan’s departure but stated that it would not affect the town’s tradition.

He stated they have had swans for over a century and will keep having them. It is a part of this village. 

He said they are a branding for the village. Swan emblems, signs, and banners are visible everywhere when driving through.

The refugees didn’t notice.