Ted Cruz Says “Of Course” Trump Won’t Testify

(JustPatriots.com)- On Monday, Ted Cruz’s appearance on “The View” was nothing short of raucous, with audience members interrupting his interview to voice their disapproval of his positions. Nevertheless, while he was there, the senator provided his perspective on whether or not former president Donald Trump will comply with the subpoena issued to him by the committee on January 6.

And the answer to that question was: most certainly not.

The hosts took advantage of the fact that Cruz was on the show to promote his new book by asking him questions concerning his views and most recent statements and deeds. Cruz was specifically questioned by host Ana Navarro on how he could continue to support the twice-impeached former president after Trump made insults about Cruz’s family, including calling Cruz’s wife ugly, among other remarks about Cruz’s family.

“I had the option of deciding that my feelings had been injured, that I was going to take the ball and go home, and that I was not going to do my job. Cruz remarked, “But if I was prepared to do it, I better be prepared to resign from my job because I have a responsibility,” He was referring to the fact that he had a responsibility to his constituency.

Still, Whoopi Goldberg continued to press him, stating that Trump “paid no regard” to the Justice Department or the court system in general and pointing out that Trump “doesn’t recognize a subpoena.” At that point, Cruz smiled and addressed the subpoena directly.

“You guys, at the beginning of the broadcast, had this long conversation about ‘Is Donald Trump going to testify under oath?'”

Of course, he’s not,” Cruz said justifiably dismissively. “Nobody thinks he is. And by the way, did Barack Obama testify under oath? No.”

However, host Alyssa Farah Griffin was quick to counter Cruz’s parallel by pointing out that President Obama has never disobeyed a subpoena issued by the federal government. Cruz seemed taken aback by Griffin’s response.

Neither Cruz nor Farah brought up that Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder,  ignored a subpoena in the Fast and Furious case and was held in contempt of congress. He saw no repercussions or jail time.