Ted Cruz Says 4 Hispanic Women Are Taking Seats Of Power As Republicans

(JustPatriots.com)- As Republicans are sweeping in special elections and projected to sweep the country come this November in the midterms, at a press conference, Texas Senator Ted Cruz predicted that four Hispanic women running for Congress are going to change South Texas and Virginia.

These districts where these women are running have been historically Hispanic and heavily lean Democrat; however, in a stunning race, Trump-endorsed candidate Representative Mayra Flores won a Texas district that has been blue for about 150 years. She not only flipped Cameron County red but will be the first Mexican-born Congresswoman to take office.

Cruz reportedly praised Flores for observing the disaster that has been open borders since the start of the Biden presidency.

“Let me just give a moment of hope,” Cruz said about Flores who “has seen firsthand the horrors of open borders.”

He also predicts that former police officer Yesli Vega, a Salvadoran American, who has also won her primary race in Virginia, will go on to flip her county. Vega’s brother was nearly killed by MS-13, Cruz said, proclaiming that Hispanic women are fed up with the unsafe Democratic policies ruining the country and their communities.

Vega reportedly told the Washington Post that after seeing what gang violence has done to her family and friends in her Northern Virginia community, she decided to join law enforcement.

Two other women running alongside Flores in Texas are also in districts historically Democrat, but given the shifting tide, Senator Cruz says that the women are going to win.

“I’m here to predict right now—there are two other districts in South Texas that likewise have been Democrat for over 100 years,” Cruz said, adding that he believes they are “going to win all three. You’re gonna see three Republicans elected from South Texas, all Hispanic women, and I cannot wait.”

Republicans are leading by 8 points in the Generic Congressional Ballot, according to a recent Rasmussen poll, updated weekly.

After Roe v. Wade was overturned, Republicans have continued to pick up leads. A recent Suffolk University poll showed that most voters are more concerned about the state of the economy over abortion, with a majority saying that their vote will be unchanged by abortion.