Ted Cruz: GOP May IMPEACH Biden If They Win Control Of House Again

(JustPatriots.com)- During his podcast last Friday, Senator Ted Cruz suggested that there are “multiple grounds” for impeaching President Joe Biden if Republicans take the House in 2022, adding “what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”

When asked about the likelihood of Joe Biden facing impeachment, Cruz said he thought it was “overwhelmingly likely” a Republican House will launch “serious investigations” into the Biden administration “whether it’s justified or not.” Democrats, Cruz pointed out, were the ones who “weaponized impeachment.”

Boy, did they.

According to Cruz, Biden’s refusal to solve the border crisis and his decision to “defy immigration laws” is one possible justification for opening impeachment proceedings. But, by standards Democrats used against Trump, that’s just one justification.

If Donald Trump could be impeached for his phone call with Ukraine’s president, Joe Biden most definitely could be impeached for withholding lifesaving COVID treatments from Republican-led states.

Conservatives warned Democrats before Trump’s first impeachment that they won’t like the new rules they’ve created when Republicans are in the majority and a Democrat in the White House.

But Democrats are short-sighted and stupid.

The low bar the Democrats set for impeachment would inevitably rear back and bite them on the behind.

As Cruz argued, Democrats used impeachment as a political tool for partisan purposes to go after a President they disagreed with. Turning impeachment into a “partisan cudgel” and expecting the other side not to do the same takes a special kind of stupid.

In September, a group of House Republicans filed articles of impeachment over Biden’s bungling of the immigration crisis and his disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Ohio Republican Bob Gibbs, who led the effort, argued that Joe Biden violated his oath of office.

Naturally, this effort went nowhere in the Democrat-controlled House.

In the same podcast, Senator Cruz put the Republicans’ chances of retaking the House at 90 percent. Meanwhile, on the Senate side, Cruz thinks the Republicans have a 50/50 chance of regaining the majority.