Ted Cruz Calls Joe Biden A Crazy Old “Lunatic” In Epic Attack

(JustPatriots.com)- In a terrific segment with Fox News host Jesse Waters, Ted Cruz let loose with both barrels attacking the Biden Administration for letting radical leftists run the agenda.

At the heart of Cruz’s complaint is the bait and switch Joe Biden’s campaign pulled off against the American people.

Biden famously ran on the claim that, unlike Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, he was a moderate.

In a campaign stop in Pennsylvania back in August of last year, Biden smugly asked the crowd “Do I look like a radical socialist with a soft spot for rioters? Really?”

No, he may not have looked like a radical socialist. But Joe Biden’s administration is absolutely radical and socialist.

He may have claimed that he doesn’t have a soft spot for the anti-police rioters, but he nominated Kristen Clarke and Vanita Gupta, two “Defund the Police” radicals — to top positions in his Department of Justice.

Biden’s campaign pulled the biggest swindle against the American people ever. In large part because Joseph Robinette Biden is not the guy calling the shots. Sure, he might consider himself a “moderate,” but when he isn’t the one making the decisions, what does it matter?

On the first day of his term, the White House website added to its contact page a space for people to include their preferred pronouns. Why? Because the Biden Administration is populated by insane, far Left campus radicals.

For a brief time on Inauguration Day, the US Ambassador to Israel’s Twitter account changed the name to “U.S. Ambassador to Israel, the West Bank and Gaza.” Once that bit of lunacy was discovered, it was promptly changed back to U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

But that is small potatoes compared to the Biden Administration’s radicalization of the US military, the requirement of “critical race theory” at every level of the government, its backdoor implementation of the radical Green New Deal, and its push to use racial preferences in government loans and grants.

There is not one thing about Biden’s presidency that could, by any stretch of the imagination, be considered “moderate.” The voters (actual voters, not bulk mail-in ballots) who chose Biden over Trump were sold a bill of goods.

But Ted Cruz is right. People are noticing just how damaging the Biden agenda has been to the country. His unfavorable numbers are rising on key issues like the border, crime and the economy.

Does he look like a radical socialist? Maybe not.

But that’s precisely what his administration is delivering.