Tech Boss Arrested After Dead Child Found In Suitcase

Local authorities in India discovered the body of the CEO of an artificial intelligence company’s four-year-old kid in her luggage, leading to her arrest.

The Mindful AI Lab’s director, Suchana Seth, was taken into custody by the Karnataka state police on Monday. Bengaluru is known as India’s innovation capital.

The mother, who was 39 years old at the time, was apprehended when police discovered the corpse in her baggage as she was riding back in a cab from the neighboring state of Goa.

According to Goa police inspector Paresh Naik, Seth booked into a hotel on Saturday with her son, but by the time she checked out on Monday night, he could not be seen.

Additionally, he said that after her checkout and subsequent police report, the hotel cleaning crew discovered blood traces in her room.

According to the Sun, Seth requested that she take a cab alone on her way to Bengaluru, where she was supposedly required to work.

She first claimed that her menstruation was to blame for the blood stains in her room. Another claim Seth made was that her kid was visiting a friend in South Goa.

Police phoned the cab driver and requested that he bring Seth to the closest police station, according to Naik. “The child’s corpse was discovered after her suitcase was unpacked,” North Goa Superintendent of Police Nidhin Valsan said reporters.

NDTV reports that Seth’s horrifying act has left authorities scratching their heads, but they have speculated that her strained relationship with her husband, from whom they are allegedly divorcing, may have played a role.

According to her LinkedIn profile, Seth has twelve years of expertise in data analytics and was a fellow at the Berkman Klein Centre at Harvard University.

Along with her work scaling machine learning solutions at research laboratories and start-ups, she claimed to be a mentor for data science teams.