Tech Billionaire’s Fundraiser for Trump Raises $12 Million 

A recent fundraiser hosted by Silicon Valley billionaire David Sacks raised $12 million for presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump. 

Sacks, a partner in Craft Ventures, a venture capital fund that he co-founded in 2017, is one of a growing number of people in his orbit who are stepping up their support of Trump in his fight to win back the White House.

He recently spoke with Jesse Watters of Fox News and talked about why other people like him have lost faith in President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Sacks said of the support that’s rolling in for Trump:

“I think it’s getting surprisingly big, Jesse. When we agreed to do the fundraiser for President Trump, the goal was just to raise $5 million and [we] weren’t even sure we would do that because as you well know, Silicon Valley is pretty much a liberal bastion. But, we ended up raising $12 million.”

Sacks explained that there were more than 100 people who attended the fundraiser. He even said that a newspaper in San Francisco was trying to “gin up protesters” in advance of the fundraiser, but “nothing really materialized at all but hundreds of people to demonstrate in favor of President Trump, and they were cheering all along his motorcade.”

He added:

“So, if that’s the enthusiasm gap in a liberal place [like] San Francisco, what’s that tell you about the rest of the country?”

Sacks has a really good point there. If there’s a lot of fervor and support for Trump in a place like that, the future can’t look too bright for Biden as he seeks re-election. 

When Trump won the election in 2016 over Hillary Clinton, a major reason was that voter turnout was very low in some of the country’s most liberal areas. Voters in cities such as Philadelphia, for instance, simply didn’t come to the polls because they weren’t enthusiastic about voting for Clinton.

If the same ends up being true for Biden, the future could look very bright for Trump.

One very impressive aspect of the fundraiser that Sacks held was that he said there were a lot of people present who hadn’t donated to Trump — or even Republicans at all — in the past. Sacks explained why he thought that might have been the case when he said:

“I think I entreat that to the fact that Trump is making inroads into Silicon Valley and that also Biden is really alienating people. He’s really pursued a very hostile program towards innovation. He’s been very hostile towards crypto, he’s wanted to over-regulate AI, he’s basically shut down all M&A.

“So, I think there are a lot of people in technology who are asking what good is this for us? How does it help us to have another four years of President Biden? And I believe that Trump has basically declared that he is the crypto president, he is in favor of innovation, he is willing to listen.”