Tax Cuts Blocked By Democrats In Stunning Blow

( Fourteen of the states that are completely controlled by Democrats considered some form of tax cuts to help combat the economic downturn caused by the COVID pandemic response, but Washington state is not among them.

While Democrat-led states like Illinois, Colorado, and even New York, are crowing about including tax cuts in their upcoming budgets, Washington’s governor Jay Inslee dismissed talk of cutting taxes, claiming that cutting taxes in the middle of a pandemic, mental health crisis, and homelessness crisis would be the wrong time to do it.

After existing tax collections exceeded previously projected amounts, Republican state lawmakers in Washington had asked Governor Inslee to include some kind of tax relief during this year’s legislative session. However, the state’s $64.1 billion supplemental budget passed this year and signed by Inslee did not include any tax relief.

The Governor’s Office, however, pointed to the state’s proposed Working Families Tax Credit that would provide up to $1,200 in tax relief to low-income households that probably don’t pay $1,200 in state taxes to begin with. The Governor’s Office also boasted of the average $6,379 in COVID-related rental assistance given to “tens of thousands of families.”

But there’s a difference between giving taxpayer money to people and giving people relief from taxes. This difference, however, is something Democrat politicians frequently fail to recognize.

It’s why Democrats oppose temporarily waiving the gas tax on consumers, opting instead to offer Americans taxpayer-funded “checks” to help them pay for gas.

For Democrats, taxes are sacrosanct. A government should never be forced to forgo dipping its beak into citizens’ wallets. They would rather dole out taxpayer money to individuals than just stop taking the money from taxpayers in the first place – largely because doling the money out allows them to redistribute the earnings of others to people Democrats deem more worthy.

Wealth redistribution ceases to exist when Americans can keep more of their money. And for Democrats, wealth redistribution is the point.