Tara Reade Was Secretly Targeted By Feds After Allegations

(JustPatriots.com)- Tara Reade was secretly targeted by the Justice Department after she alleged that then-Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden assaulted her when she was a Senate aid in 1993, according to Just the News. The DOJ reportedly subpoenaed Twitter for information about her accounts in 2020, just a month before Biden was inaugurated.

The federal agency allegedly demanded that the social media company testify before a grand jury in December 2020 to provide “all subscriber information” about Reade. They reportedly requested information from two of her accounts with the handles, @ReadeAlexandra and @TaraMcCabe.

In addition, they wanted personal user information, possible payout methods, including credit card numbers, and the accounts’ addresses.

Reade says that she did not know why the DOJ wanted her information.

“Other than coming forward about Joe Biden, there would be no reason for them to do that,” Reade told the Daily Caller.

The grand jury date was originally set for July 9, 2020, which was a few months after Reade allegedly filed a report against Joe Biden for harassment and assault in 1993.

But Twitter fought the subpoena in the beginning, according to Twitter’s lawyer Hayden Schottlaender of Perkins Coie. Schottlaender also told Reade that they had to “file a motion” to tell her it “was happening.” Reade told the outlet that this was why it had taken so long for Twitter to comply with the subpoena.

Schottlaender reportedly told Reade that Twitter had intended to comply in December 2020 but would hold off if she decided that she was going to file a motion to “quash” it.

“If, on the other hand, you have no concerns with Twitter producing the requested data, please similarly let me know,” Schottlaender wrote in an email.

Reade told Daily Caller that she did not intend to “quash” the subpoena because she did not have money or the right attorney.

Reade alleged that Biden assaulted her in the Senate corridor by pinning her against the wall and reaching under her clothing before violating her.


Reade told the Daily Caller that she would be willing to testify under oath and called on the soon-to-be Republican-controlled House to launch an investigation.

“I think we need to have the conversation instead of me being erased,” she said.