Taliban Cuts Communications

(JustPatriots.com)- While most of Afghanistan has surrendered to the Taliban, within the Panjshir Province north of Kabul, resistance fighters are staging a counter-offensive. Several thousand anti-Taliban fighters made up of local militias and remnants of the Afghan army and special forces units, have gathered under the command of regional leader Ahmad Massoud.

And over the weekend the Taliban cut off the communications network to the Panjshir Province, shutting down both phone and internet networks in order to hamper the resistance efforts.

This move comes just a week after the Taliban began preparing to send hundreds of fighters to the region known to be an anti-Taliban bastion.

Cutting off communication lines has isolated Panjshir residents from the rest of the country as well as prevented those outside of the province from reaching friends and family in the region.

Additionally, it is reported that the Taliban have closed the roads and cut off food supplies to the area which have caused prices to skyrocket.

While both sides reportedly wish to resolve the situation peacefully, the Wall Street Journal reported on Monday that talks between the resistance and the Taliban are not going well.

Some believe that the Taliban’s move to cut off communication may be a signal that they plan to lay siege to the region.

Resistance forces, under the leadership of Ahmad Massoud, the son of the late military commander Ahmad Shah Massoud, have vowed to continue their fight against the Taliban. Hundreds of resistance fighters, who have never surrendered to the new rulers of Kabul, were seen on Monday training the Panjshir Valley in preparation for a possible strike by Taliban forces.

Other resistance fighters, dressed in military gear and carrying weapons, were spotted marching through the deserted streets of the mountain enclave.

This anti-Taliban resistance, known as the Northern Alliance, are mostly made up of Tajiks who live in the Panjshir Valley which is located in the Hindu Kush mountains north of the Afghan capital of Kabul. They have vowed to fight to the last man in order to protect the 170,000 residents of the region from Taliban rule.