Supreme Court Wrapping Up In Final Week Of Term

( After ruling on a number substantive cases, the Supreme Court wrapped up its current term on Thursday. And it is fair to say that SCOTUS went out with a bang.

In a 6-3 decision Thursday, the Supreme Court delivered a blow to the Democrats’ fight against state voter integrity laws.

The case, Brnovich v. DNC centered on Arizona voting rules prohibiting ballot harvesting and calling for provisional ballots cast at the wrong polling place to be thrown out.

The DNC challenged the laws claiming that they were, what else, racist.

Six of the Justices, however, disagreed with the DNC’s discrimination claim.

The Court overturned the 9th Circuit ruling and upheld Arizona’s ability to prohibit third-party collection of mail-in ballots and agreed that the state can disallow votes cast in the wrong precinct.

What’s more, the Supreme Court ruling acknowledges the right of states to make reasonable voting regulations in order to protect the integrity of elections – reiterating that Federal law to strike down state voting regulations should remain rare.

This decision will have direct impact on both the current lawsuit brought by the Department of Justice against Georgia’s new voting laws and also on Congress’ hope of passing their “For the People Act” which effectively requires all states to adhere to one standard of election law set by Congress.

Democrats in Congress as well as the White House are not happy about the SCOTUS decision. Speaker Pelosi accused the Supreme Court of continuing “its unprecedented assault on voting rights.” Senator Majority Leader Chuck Schumer called Thursday’s decision “one of the darkest days in all of the Supreme Court’s history.”

For his part, President Biden said he was “deeply disappointed” with the ruling. Oddly, however, he did not call it Jim Crow on steroids.

But the most furiously angry Democrat was DNC attorney and Hillary bagman Marc Elias. Elias went on a Twitter rant vowing to continue fighting “to protect voters from suppressive laws” and telling those celebrating the ruling “something is wrong with you.”

The three Liberal Justices, Kagan, Sotomayor and Breyer, dissented to the ruling.

In her dissent, Justice Elena Kagan asserted that, rather than protecting voter integrity, Arizona and states like it are trying to “keep minority voters from the polls.”

What nonsense.

Civil Rights Attorney Harmeet Dhillon addressed the ruling Thursday night on Fox News.