Supermodel Breaks Down Because She Can’t Handle Being Famous

( The demands of celebrity have brought Gigi Hadid to tears, and she says her life isn’t as “picture-perfect” as her admirers believe it is, even though she has spent her whole life in front of the cameras.

Hadid has racked up over 76.8 million Instagram followers and has earned millions by endorsing major fashion labels. Despite this, she has trouble reconciling her celebrity with who she is. During an interview with Elle published in February, the supermodel cried uncontrollably, exposing her genuine difficulties off-camera.

The fashion icon has felt that the public has failed to “see” her, although she has been in the spotlight for over a decade. The model claims that the general public’s conception of her is inaccurate.

When asked to reveal something she believes the world doesn’t know about her, Hadid broke down in tears. After years of being misunderstood, her feelings finally came to the surface. As she wept, she could not answer what the public didn’t understand about her,

The supermodel answered, “No, it’s alright,” after apologizing for sobbing. She said for some reason; she felt the urge to say something. Her life as a model is “full of pictures, but there’s not a lot of contexts supplied.”

She said she learned how the world responds to different forms of sharing at a young age.

She explained that the public only gets brief glimpses of a celebrity’s life thanks to the paparazzi.

Hadid spoke on the disarray and muddled feelings accompanying her frequent international travel to walk the runways of various cities. Among the ups and downs of her high-profile life and career, the starlet has finally found a solid foundation in her latest endeavor.

Hadid needs to provide more clarity about her emotions to get the sympathy she craves. The public sees what it sees and may not be aware of any particular pain a celebrity endures, but that pain must be articulated. Otherwise, it just appears like complaints about 1st world elite problems.