Suicide Capsules Legalized in Switzerland

( In Switzerland, portable “suicide capsules” that allow people to kill themselves in the location of their choice have just been legalized.

While assisted suicide has been legal in Switzerland for nearly eighty years, the country’s medical review board has now given the go-ahead for the use of these coffin-like capsules called Sarco Suicide Pods. “Sarco” is short for “sarcophagus.”

The latest in suicide-wear was designed by Dr. Philip Nitschke, a euthanasia activist known as Dr. Death.

The Sarco Suicide Pods are specially designed for assisted suicide and can be operated by the user while inside the pod. The pods are portable and can be transported to any location which means the person who wants to commit suicide and pick their own “idyllic” setting in which to die.

And, just to make things more convenient, once a person kills himself within the Sarco pod, the biodegradable pod can be removed from its base and used as the person’s casket.

Switzerland’s current method for assisted suicide is ingesting a pill that puts a person into a deep coma before death. But the new Sarco Suicide Pods can be operated from the inside, allowing the person to kill himself by reducing the internal oxygen levels.

Now, it isn’t as if just anyone can order their suicide pod and suffocate himself. You have to qualify to use the pod by taking an online survey and providing evidence that the decision to off yourself is yours alone. Once you get the pod, you are given an access code that allows the pod to work. Inside the pod, the user then has to answer pre-recorded questions before he can press the button that starts the process.

Dr. Nitschke’s creepy suicide pods are created using 3-D printing and cost between $4,000 and $8,000. So far, only two Sarco Suicide Pods have been created, but a third machine is currently being printed. Of course, if people can be buried in them, Dr. Nitschke is going to make more than three.

Dr. Death hopes to have the Sarco pods available for use in Switzerland by next year.

In addition to Switzerland, assisted suicide is also legal in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, and Canada.