Student Secretly Records Teacher Pushing Critical Race Theory

( Teachers are so obsessed with Critical Race Theory, and even young students are noticing the insanity behind it.

Video recorded by a 6th grader appears to show one high school teacher in Ohio telling students about books that are very closely related to the idea of “Critical Race Theory” – a far-left concept that tells white people they are inferior to black people, and that they are fundamentally racist towards all non-white people no matter their actions.

The footage appears to have been filmed by a young student of Franklin Woods Intermedia School. In it, you can hear the teacher admitting to being a political activist, and then tells the young students to read the book “Stamped: Racism, Antiracism, and you,” written by far-left radicals Ibram X. Kendi and Jason Reynolds.

“Some people might call it racist. It’s actually three categories if you read the book ‘Stamped’ you’ll hear that there’s three areas. There’s anti-racist which is a person who works to end racism. An activist, someone who is active, and that’s what I was trying to be. I was reading books, I was going to rallies, I was trying to be in that group,” the teacher can be heard saying.

The teacher then goes on to say that the opposite is somebody who is a racist and who discriminated against people of a certain group.

Then, the teacher refers to a “middle group” of people, which is apparently “most people.”

This so-called “middle group” refers to people who do not actively work to stop racism, and who are known by CRT activists as “assimilationists.”

“An assimilationist doesn’t actively work to end it, and doesn’t work to be in the racist group,” the teacher says.

Can you believe this?

Thankfully, this student realized what they were being taught is provocative, unfair, and wrong. But how many other young and impressionable students are just believing it?