Steve Bannon’s Plan To Reshape American Politics Leads To Democrat Outrage

( Apparently Slate has a problem with Steve Bannon and his podcast listeners.

In a scathing hit-piece published last week, Slate writer Mary Harris did her level best to demonize and attack Bannon while claiming he possesses some kind of outsized influence over the Republican base.

Of course these guys also believe that QAnon is some influential movement within the Republican base too. When in reality, recent polling shows that 43 percent of Trump supporters never even heard of QAnon. Among those who have, a measly four percent had a favorable opinion of it while 31 percent viewed QAnon unfavorably.

Harris interviewed ProPublica reporter Isaac Arnsdorf who decided to do some research into how many people are trying to get involved in precinct-level politics. Arnsdorf believes Bannon is using his podcast to encourage kooky weirdos to get involved by becoming something Bannon calls “precinct committeemen.”

In their interview, Arnsdorf scoffs at the idea, pointing out that Bannon doesn’t even seem to understand what these positions are or what, if any, influence they hold.

Harris expressed delight in one particular anecdote Arnsdorf shared where a guy from Fort Worth, Texas called asking about becoming a “precinct committeemen” and the person he called had no idea what he was talking about because Fort Worth doesn’t have “precinct committeemen.”

Clearly the purpose of this Slate piece is to portray Bannon, not so much as dangerous but as stupid and uninformed. Though, Bannon isn’t the only one they’re mocking – primarily both Harris and Arnsdorf show nothing but derision for those who listen to Bannon’s podcast.

Naturally, Harris and Arnsdorf not only hammered the “these people think the 2020 election was stolen” angle, they also did their best to label Bannon and the people who listen to him as using violent rhetoric. Arnsdorf cites instances when Bannon has used “comparisons to the opening battles of the Revolutionary War” by talking about “taking over the party village by village” which Arnsdorf claims “has this guerilla warfare sound to it.”

And they bring up the January 6 melee at the Capitol, because of course they do.

Overall, the interview reads like Harris and Arnsdorf are discussing a lesser species of humans who are violent, stupid and delusional, and who have no business getting involved in precinct work.

Whether you like Steve Bannon or not, the Slate article is ridiculous and condescending to say the least.