Steve Bannon Will Not Be Allowed To Cross-Examine His Accusers

( When someone was accused of “wrong think,” the Maoists would punish them via show trials and fights. This was to deter others from contemplating what the accused “did wrong.”

Before receiving their punishment, these disloyal opponents of the dictatorship were dragged up and humiliated in front of everyone. The entire neighborhood was compelled to observe this procedure. This served as a warning about what they might encounter if they dared to criticize the regime.

It is now taking place in America. And it’s supported by the ruling class, big business, the media, Democrats, and establishment Republicans.

They must provide a lesson to the populists.

This week, Trump’s former chief strategist is in front of a biased court in Washington, DC. He is accused of disobeying a subpoena issued by the January 6 Committee. The first-ever public struggle sessions in America are led by the Jan. 6 Committee, a chosen group of Democrats and two Republicans.

Steve Bannon is the target this week, as he has been since he started serving as President Trump’s campaign manager.

In addition, the court is letting the January 6 Committee utilize its manufactured evidence against Steve Bannon but forbidding his team from confronting the accusers.
Under Joe Biden and the Democrat-Socialist government, this is the new America.
The situation will only worsen.

Tracy Beanz and Midnight Rider report that if the Bannon case goes on and he is found guilty, it will undoubtedly be challenged and most likely proceed up the chain to establish a precedent that prevents this from happening again.

What does this mean?
Members of the committee have testified on behalf of the government, but they have objected to the defendant’s authority to summon them as witnesses by using the speech and debate provision. The judge approved that move to quash. As a result, Bannon won’t be able to cross-examine the committee members who will be testifying against him.

What’s more intriguing is that? When they submitted an amicus brief supporting the accusations, they effectively became a party to the lawsuit.

This motion has been taken under advisement by the judge.