Steve Bannon Warns This Could Replace The U.S. Dollar

( Now that Trump supporters are getting into cryptocurrency in a big way, podcaster Steve Bannon is promoting a new “alternative” cryptocurrency, the $FJB coin.

“FJB” stands for “F Joe Biden,” but you probably figured that out.

During a podcast last week, Bannon and political strategist Boris Epshteyn discussed their $FJB coin venture which they claim would help the MAGA movement “fight” for Trump and the country. Bannon accused “them” of trying to “disappear you” and said the $FJB coin would show independence and non-reliance on “their financial system.”

In short, it was an infomercial for Steve Bannon’s latest financial venture. Bannon is using the “F Joe Biden” chant and the right’s fascination with cryptocurrency to sell his coins to Trump supporters.

According to the $FJB coin website, the purpose of Bannon’s new venture is to “build a community where people are free to voice their views without fear of being shamed, discriminated against or canceled” while also offering “charitable giving to veterans, first responders and all of those who have given their lives for this great country.”

The $FJB cryptocurrency’s total supply is 40 billion with about 17.8 billion tokens already burned. When purchasing the $FJB digital coin, buyers also have to pay an 8 percent transaction fee which the website claims covers marketing initiatives and goes to “charity wallets” that are used for making donations to veterans and first responders.

Hopefully, Bannon’s $FJB coin venture is more successful than his “Build the Wall” venture that ended in arrests.

According to a report from Axios earlier this month, to combat Big Tech censorship and other Leftwing control, individuals and organizations on the right are developing their own apps, publishing companies, and cryptocurrencies.

Bannon’s $FJB isn’t the first cryptocurrency marketed to Trump supporters. Already a pro-Trump cryptocurrency called “magacoin” was launched earlier this year. The “magacoin” was created by “America First conservatives” frustrated with losing the 2020 election who wanted to fight back by supporting MAGA candidates.