Steve Bannon Tells Trump It’s Time To Boost Funding

( Podcaster Steve Bannon, who also served as one of former President Donald Trump’s first presidential campaign advisers, warned Trump recently that he needs to pour millions of dollars of his own campaign money into the campaigns of Republican primary candidates he has endorsed in recent months.

Bannon told the former president that holding rallies with those candidates and sending out mass emails isn’t enough, and said that more needs to be done to ensure victories for America First candidates across the country.

Bannon’s comments come as some of the former president’s chosen candidates trail behind anti-Trump and establishment figures in Senate and House races across the country.

During a recent interview on the John Fredericks radio show, Bannon pointed to the George Senate primary race, where Trump-backed David Perdue continues to trail incumbent Brian Kemp by double digits, according to some polls. Bannon said that the only way to turn the situation around is to bombard voters with TV advertisements.

“You got to really commit,” he told Fredericks. “First off you got to spend money, you got to put a lot of money into it. You got to commit money, you got to commit time and effort.”

Bannon insisted that holding rallies won’t be enough and that Trump should ensure that he has a plan to ensure victory whenever he endorses a candidate.

He’s not wrong, is he? If Trump’s candidates lose in substantial numbers in the coming months, Trump will give his primary challengers in 2024 fantastic ammunition…and that could bring to an end the era of America First GOP politics.