Steve Bannon Takes Down National Children’s Museum Website

( In June, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene called attention to the incorporation of elements of critical race theory featured on the website for the National Children’s Museum in Virginia. Greene objected to the museum, which is funded by US taxpayers, peddling in this Marxist “anti-racism” ideology.

Before Congress passed the bill funding the Children’s Museum, Greene spoke with the museum director asking that they remove the items related to CRT. Greene had attempted to ensure that the funding bill expressly called for the removal of CRT from the museum’s website, but it did not, so she voted against it.

Initially, Greene claimed that the museum did remove all references to CRT from its website as she requested, but after its funding was approved, the National Children’s Museum put the objectionable material back up on its site.

During a June 29 appearance on The War Room, Greene discussed this with host Steve Bannon. As the interview proceeded, the website for the National Children’s Museum crashed. While it isn’t clear whether the site crashed due to the War Room interview or not, Steven Bannon took the credit for it.

Watch HERE.

This isn’t the first federally-funded museum to promote anti-white materials.

Last year, the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History & Culture debuted posters that listed supposed signs of “whiteness” and “white-dominant culture.”

Among the attributes the poster claimed were “Aspects & Assumptions of White Culture in the United States” were rugged individualism, objectivity, the nuclear family, “reliance on the scientific method,” progress, respect for authority, the Protestant work ethic, and being polite.

The poster went viral on social media resulting in a massive backlash against the museum.

As a result, the Smithsonian removed the poster and released a statement saying that the poster didn’t contribute to the productive discussion on race they had intended.

The National Museum of African American History & Culture claimed their purpose and intent were to “foster and cultivate conversations” that are both “respectful and constructive” while also providing “increased understanding.”

What precisely is “respectful and constructive” about saying black people don’t believe in hard work, the nuclear family or “reliance on the scientific method” is anybody’s guess.