Donald Trump Reveals Sickening Dirt On Disgraceful Bill Barr

( There is a glut of anti-Trump books poised to be released over the next several months. Among them is the book “Betrayal” by veteran ABC White House correspondent Jonathan Karl.

Last weekend, an excerpt from Karl’s book appeared in The Atlantic that provided details of former Attorney General William Barr’s relationship with President Trump in the waning days of his administration.

Naturally, it does not portray President Trump in a good light.

According to the book, Barr told Jonathan Karl that he had given his approval for prosecutors to look into allegations of voter fraud, but there was nothing there, adding “it was all bullshit.” Barr went on to say that President Trump’s claim that voting machines switched votes “was just bullshit.”

Barr revealed to Jonathan Karl that it was Senator Mitch McConnell who urged him to speak out against Trump’s claims of election fraud. Barr explained that McConnell believed the allegations damaged both the GOP and the country. He was expecially concerned that the constant drumbeat over fraud was hurting Republican chances in the Georgia Senate run-off races.

Senator McConnell has since confirmed Barr’s account in Karl’s book.

According to “Betrayal,” Barr did eventually meet with President Trump and tell him to dial back the rhetoric. The book recounts Barr’s recollection of the conversation between him and the President.

In their conversation, President Trump allegedly cursed at Barr asking him “how the f**k could you do this to me?”

The revelations in this excerpt prompted a response from former President Trump who on Sunday released a scathing attack against his former AG.

Calling him a RINO, Trump accused Barr of failing to investigate election fraud and letting down the American people. He attacked Barr’s inaction in bringing the former Obama people to justice for Crossfire Hurricane – parenthetically asking “where’s Durham?”

Trump went on to say Barr “came in with a semi-bang and went out with a whimper.” He pointed out that before the 2020 election, Barr warned that the over-reliance on mail-in voting would increase the likelihood of fraud. Then Trump accused Barr of doing nothing about it.

Trump then listed examples of voting irregularities that took place in Georgia, Nevada, Wisconsin and Arizona.

In the same statement, Trump turned his sights on Mitch McConnell (“another beauty”) for doing nothing about election fraud. He then blamed both Barr’s and McConnell’s inaction for Americans no longer believing their vote matters.

In preparation for his book “Betrayal,” Jonathan Karl spent five hours at Mar-a-Lago conducting interviews with Trump people – including a 90 minute interview with the former President himself.