Steve Bannon Delivers Huge Blow To Democrats

( The far-left blog “The Daily Beast,” which purports to be a news website, is once again having a very public meltdown over the fact that former Trump advisor Steve Bannon refuses to comply with a subpoena from the ultra-partisan House Select Committee claiming to investigate the origins of the January 6 riot in Washington D.C.

On Thursday morning, the website published an article in which it described how Bannon – who was advised by Trump’s lawyers that the subpoena was illegal as the documents being requested were protected by executive privilege – was trying to “force investigator to potentially expose who they’ve talked to and what they’ve said.”

It comes as lawyers representing Bannon requested that all evidence found during the discovery process of the criminal lawsuit filed against him be made public.

The Democrats really don’t want evidence getting out that the House Select Committee is going after political targets in the name of “justice,” or whatever they like to call their anti-Republican smear campaign.

“As Bannon faces criminal charges, he’s entitled to the evidence against him. And in a typical galaxy-brain, Bannon countergambit, Trump’s former senior adviser is trying to make some of that evidence public,” the website complained.

What’s wrong with that evidence being made public?

What do they have to hide?

The Beast went on to describe how a court filing from federal prosecutors filed on Sunday night contains “secret witness interviews by law enforcement.” They added that the Justice Department currently argues that if this material is to be made public, it would cause “specific harms” including “witness tampering” that would make it difficult to find impartial jurors in a future trial.

Just think about that. The media is trying to influence the outcome of a criminal trial and pressure a judge to hide evidence because they’re concerned a jury might be swayed by the federal government’s highly partisan behavior.

Remember when Trump said the media was the enemy of the people? It looks like he was right.