State Department Accused Of Flat Out Lying About Rescues

( The organizer of a private rescue mission to evacuate Miriam, an American mother, and her three children from Afghanistan is accusing the State Department of trying to worm its way in and claim credit for her evacuation. This despite having little to no role in the rescue effort.

On Monday, State Department officials announced that the US “has facilitated the safe departure” of Miriam and her children via an overland passage out of Afghanistan. The State Department then boasted that “embassy staff was present upon their arrival.”

For the people who actually conducted the rescue operation, the State Department’s attempt to horn in and claim credit is not sitting at all well.

Cory Mills, along with a team of military vets, led the effort to rescue the woman and her children after they were left behind by the Biden administration. Drawing on funding by private donors, Mills and his team worked for weeks to get them out after Texas Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson alerted Mills to the family’s plight.

At first the team tried to get the family onto one of the last government flights out of Kabul, but Miriam was unable to gain entry to the airport. The State Department’s only role was to urge the four American citizens to brave the Taliban checkpoints and get to the airport gate. But each time they tried, they were refused admission.

During her final attempt at the airport, a Taliban fighter pointed a gun at Miriam’s head and warned her not to come back. Shortly afterward, the Taliban tried to get Miriam’s whereabouts from Kabul locals who knew her. That was when Mills’ team rushed in to get Miriam and her children out of Kabul and into a safehouse.

Mills’ team then tried to get Miriam and her family aboard a private charter flight out of Maraz-i-Sharif airport. But the Taliban never gave the planes clearance to take off, and the State Department did nothing to ensure those planes could leave.

So Mills and his team took the long way round, traveling overland to an unnamed neighboring country in order to get the family across the border. Mills described this rescue operation as a shell game – requiring multiple attempts and sleight-of-hand tactics. But in the end, Mariam and her family crossed the border last Monday just before the Taliban closed the border checkpoint to stop other Americans from escaping.

Last week Mills told Fox News that the State Department’s victory lap over their supposed role in the rescue mission was “absolute nonsense.” Mills accused State of “spinning this” in order to “take 100% credit” for a mission they had nothing to do with. In fact, Mills explained, when his team reached out to the State Department for help, they got none.

“It’s like we carried the ball to the 99-and-a-half yard line,” Mills said “and them taking it that last half yard and being like ‘look what we did.’”