Spotlight Placed On Sarah Biden’s Role In Cash Deals

Since her marriage into the Biden clan, Sara Catherine Jones has been beset with trouble.

According to court documents, Sara Biden was accused of fraud by a Senate donor she worked for shortly after her 1995 wedding to Joe’s brother, Jim Biden. Court and property records reveal that she and Jim had not paid taxes and reneged on debts in the following years.

Like their nephew, first son Hunter Biden, they allegedly sold access to Joe Biden to several companies. Some of the enterprises were tied to foreign nations hostile to the US.

As the Biden issue involving his attempts to influence peddling abroad continues to grow, reports show Sara Biden has assumed a pivotal role.

Republican senators will interview 64-year-old attorney Sara Biden to investigate President Joe Biden’s impeachable offenses. A subpoena has been served on Jim Biden seeking his testimony and documents.

Bank statements and substantial checks made out to Joe Biden and designated as “loan repayments” are among the documents the authorities requested. Republicans want to know if Biden’s influence-peddling efforts with China were the source of funding for these loans.

According to records, Sara Biden has played a pivotal role in the Biden family’s deals for many years. It put her in close contact with questionable individuals and businesses, often leading to legal disputes and even criminal investigations.

President Biden has often claimed that he was never engaged in or aware of his brother and sister-in-law’s company, yet the amount of correspondence contradicts this.

Sara and Jim’s principal firm, the Lion Hall Group, appears in more than 3,735 emails from former Vice President Biden’s office, according to Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) documents acquired by America First Legal.

After collecting $400,000 through a joint account he maintained with CEFC China Energy, Hunter Biden sent $150,000 to Sara Biden’s Lion Hall on August 14, 2017.

Sara Biden took $50,000 from Lion Hall’s account on August 28, 2017. House Oversight Committee subpoenaed bank documents showing that she transferred the funds to her and Jim Biden’s joint checking account later that day.

Precisely 10% of the $400,000 was repaid when Sara Biden sent a check to Joe Biden for forty thousand dollars on September 3, 2017. This amount matched a “10% held by H,” corresponding to the “big guy” arrangement Hunter had arranged for Joe in the Chinese business, as revealed in emails on his abandoned laptop.

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