Soros Operative Nandini Jammi Is Purposely Trying To Target Ukrainian Workers

( Nandini Jammi, an extremist political activist behind the censorship organization “Check My ads,” seems to be targeting a Ukrainian digital advertising agency, which is putting the jobs of Ukrainian workers at risk during a war.

MGID, a Kyiv-based digital advertising agency, has been operating since Russia launched its “Special Military Operation” in February. In the struggle against Russia, MGID proved the potential of the Ukrainian people defying odds as cruise missiles and drones hit the country’s largest populated areas.

Reports show despite the daily bombings, MGID claims it has successfully maintained its organization by sheltering employees from ground rocket attacks in a basement as the war intensified.

While the MGID staff shows up to work daily facing war, Nandini Jammi’s activism is also warring against MGID. Her (Yes, I assumed her gender) activism attempts to thwart the company’s ability to increase its client base and help companies worldwide flourish, regardless of their political affiliations.
According to reports, Jammi, a hard-left, partisan hack who alleges her “Check My Ads” group is against “disinformation,” protested this week because MGID is still monetizing websites with which she disagrees.
Jammi threw a Twitter-fit stating that every day she wakes to find a horrifying new website monetized by MGID. And she was even more horrified that (TAG) Trustworthy Accountability Group’s CEO awarded them a ‘Brand Safety Certification.’
She was also devastated by JournalistenWatch. As she alleges, the German-language website promotes ‘Islamophobia and COVID-19 conspiracies.’
She didn’t bother showing proof of the disinformation. She just alleged it.

That seems…conspiratorial.

Jammi fails to see that most of the world does not embrace the ultra-partisan, radical agenda advocated by her and her followers in the establishment media. (Some of her followers appear to be the type who would encourage their suicidal friends to jump.)
Check My Ads’ goal is clear: They want MGID’s brand safety accreditation withdrawn because the network does not discriminate based on political beliefs. But on the left, the political beliefs are often shallow and based on whims.