Soros Magazine Says Focus On White Deaths in Ukraine Is Racist ‘Dog Whistle.

( OpenDemocracy, a hard-left online magazine that is funded by billionaire antagonist donor George Soros, has called for the media coverage of the Russian invasion of Ukraine to be more inclusive. The magazine claimed that media coverage isn’t “anti-racist” enough and that any coverage of white people who are killed in the war is effectively a racist “dog whistle.”

No, we’re not kidding. George Soros’ Open Society Foundations charity is funding an online magazine that says it’s racist to report on tragedies if they involve white people.

An opinion piece published by the outlet on March 2 titled “Racist War Reporting Undermines Trust in Media” claims that the media isn’t doing enough to report on the deaths of non-white people – even though Ukraine is overwhelmingly white.

The author of the piece, Marcus Ryder, worked for the British Broadcasting corporation and even the Chinese state-run propaganda network, China Global Television Network. He also authored a book titled “Black British Lives Matter” which argued that the United Kingdom is systemically racist.

“In recent days, I have been worried that some of the media coverage of the Ukraine war is actively undermining that trust in established media organisations, especially among people of colour and certain marginalised sections of the audience,” Ryder writes.

He continues, arguing that the war is being treated as more significant than it really is because it is taking place on the European continent, arguing that news reports are trying to increase the emotional connection from the audience to the European victims “by drawing comparisons to how the victims are people ‘just like us.’”

Can you believe this guy?

When a small nation is invaded by one of the world’s superpowers, the only thing Democrats and far-left radicals like Ryder can think of is the race of the victims.

That’s evil.