“Sister Wives” Star Divorces Husband, Reveals Next Steps

(JustPatriots.com)- Fans of Sister Wives have been given a glimpse into Janelle Brown’s new life since she and her husband, Kody Brown, divorced.

Following much rumor from fans that they had broken up, the TLC star, 53, confirmed on a recent Sister Wives tell all special that her long-term “spiritual union” with Kody, also 53, is over.

The long-running television show Sister Wives first focused on the lives of Kody and Janelle while they were married to Meri, Christine, and Robyn Brown in a plural union.

Kody first wed Meri in April 1990, and they divorced legally in 2014 while still being “spiritually” wed. To legally marry Robyn and adopt her children from a previous marriage, Kody needed a divorce. In 1993, Janelle “spiritually” wed Kody, and Christine joined the union in 1994.

However, the end of his relationships with the other three women meant that Kody only had one wife—his legal wife, Robyn.

On December 29, Janelle addressed her followers in a video uploaded to the Instagram page known as The Secret to Selfcare. She talked about her upcoming goals and how she intends to seize the coming year in her new life as a single woman.

One of Janelle’s six children with Kody, Maddie, can be seen riding along in the car with her mother in the video. The ex-couple also shared Sons Logan, Hunter, Garrison, and Gabe, and another daughter named Savanah.

The page, which appears to be for a health and wellness business run by Janelle and Maddie, shows Janelle chatting to her fans while Maddie’s daughter Evie—granddaughter—is Janelle’s visible in the backseat.

In the video, Janelle and Maddie discuss setting goals and routines for 2023 while giving their recent Christmas vacation some thought.

Janelle says to the camera, “There is this renewal energy that goes into the New Year—like you sort of feel it, and everyone is ready to do something different.

The two then talk about the future challenge for customers of their business venture, with Janelle promising “community and support” for those involved.

Although the effects of the split have only been depicted on Sister Wives this year, Christine announced on her Instagram in November 2021 that her marriage to Kody was over.