SINISTER Dealings – Business Turns MURKY

Uncanny dealings are afoot in Erie, Pennsylvania. Infinite Advancement Properties (IAP), the self-styled go-to home repair in the city, was not exactly what It seemed.

IAP’s Facebook presence declared it a “one-stop shop” for home remodeling and upgrades in 2021. It is owned by Larry Tremel Alexander, who, according to Court records, has a background in property management. But while it kept its feed filled with photos of drywall repairs, it offered other services that it did not advertise on social media.

According to US District Court records, from March 2019 to September 2022, the business laundered monies earned from the sale of heroin, crystal meth, hydrocodone, and cocaine in Erie. Alexander has been charged with using both his girlfriend’s bank account and IAP to fund his drug operation and hide the profits he made from it.

Investigators suspected that Alexander’s trips Kalamazoo and Benton Harbor—both in Michigan—raised the suspicions of investigators. Alexander wasn’t just cleaning funds, though. According to the US Attorney’s Office, Alexander was one of the dealers who distributed prolific amounts of crystal meth, the drug made famous by the television series Breaking Bad.

Alexander’s operation was sewn up by prosecutors. He and five alleged associates (among whom was counted his girlfriend) received indictments in March of 2023.

He has received a sentence of six years to be served in Federal Prison, four years of supervised post-incarcerated release, and fork over $22,603. Sentence was imposed on May 29 by US District Judge Susan Paradise Baxter after the 47 year-old Alexander pleaded guilty to one felony of conspiracy to traffic in more than 50 grams of meth, and a felony count of conspiracy to launder money. The sentence was the result of a plea deal, and falls within the Federal sentencing guidelines appropriate for the charges.

Alexander was one of several people indicted as part of Operation Ice Age, masterminded by the Federal Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force.