ShutDownDC Offers Reward For SCOTUS Justices’ Whereabouts To Target Them

( The radical leftists from ShutDownDC are offering bounties to anyone who tips them off on where the conservative Supreme Court justices might be so they can turn up and harass them.

After last week’s report about Justice Brett Kavanaugh being hurried out of the back of Morton’s Steak House in DC to avoid a crowd of protesters outside, ShutDownDC tweeted a call to “DC Service Industry Workers” telling them if they see any of the six conservative justices to “DM us the details!” In exchange, ShutdownDC would pay them via Venmo. Tipsters would get $50 for a confirmed sighting and $200 if the justice is still at the location by the time the activists get there to harass them.

The obvious question is, what dark money leftwing group is bankrolling this bounty scheme?

The secondary question is, why is Twitter allowing this kind of targeted harassment in exchange for money to appear on its platform?

Twitter’s terms of service expressly prohibit users from encouraging or calling on others to engage in targeted harassment. But ShutDownDC’s tweet allegedly doesn’t violate its terms of service.

You can’t call Dr. Richard (Rachel) Levine a man, but you can offer bounties in exchange for information leading to the harassment of Supreme Court justices?

The group boasted Friday night that it had received more donations in a single day after Fox News host Tucker Carlson reported on their bounty scheme and suggested that people flood the group’s DMs with “sightings” of the justices until the group runs out of money.

But the group will never run out of money so long as deep-pocketed leftwing activists and groups are willing to bankroll them.

During a press briefing last week, Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy brought up the incident at Morton’s Steak House and asked press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre if the Biden Administration thought such targeted harassment was acceptable.

Unsurprisingly, Jean-Pierre dismissed the claims of harassment, arguing that these are peaceful protests. She said the White House “for sure” supports this kind of “protest” “if it’s peaceful.” The odious Jean-Pierre also claimed, “this is what a democracy is.”