“Sesame Place” Slapped With Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Amid Racism Allegations

(JustPatriots.com)- A $25 million class-action suit has been filed against the Sesame Place theme park in Pennsylvania claiming racial discrimination.

The suit is led by a Baltimore family that claims their daughters were ignored by the park employees dressed as Sesame Street characters because the girls are black.

The whole nonsensical thing came about after a video showing a Sesame Place employee dressed as the Muppet Rosita allegedly ignoring two black girls during a parade went viral on Twitter.

Naturally, this sparked nationwide pearl-clutching and accusations of racism, with other people claiming the same thing happened to them.

Have these people ever worn one of those outfits? It isn’t as if you have a full range of vision when you’re wearing a giant Muppet head.

But the usual ambulance-chasing lawyers smelled a big-money lawsuit, and so here we are.

The lawsuit filed in a Philadelphia federal court accuses SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, the owner of Sesame Place, of “pervasive and appalling race discrimination.”

Oh, brother.

The suit accuses four Sesame Park employees in Muppet costumes of ignoring Quinton Burns, his daughter Kennedi, and other black attendees during a June 18 meet-and-greet event. The suit claims the behavior of the Muppet-wearing employees is an example of racism because the same employees greeted white people.

Sesame Place reps told Eyewitness News in Philadelphia that they are reviewing the lawsuit and look forward to addressing the allegations “through the established legal process.”

After the video went viral, representatives for Sesame Place apologized to the family several times, saying the park was “committed to making this right.” The park maintained that its employees undergo training to “better understand, recognize and deliver an inclusive, equitable, and entertaining experience for our guests.”

But the mother of the two girls wasn’t satisfied with the apology.

Probably because money wasn’t attached.