Senate Passes Support For Probe Against Vladimir Putin

( The United States Senate on Tuesday passed a non-binding resolution that supports an investigation into the war crimes that many international analysts and world leaders have said were committed by Russian forces in Ukraine.

Republican South Carolina legislator Lindsey Graham headed up the legislative officers and passed the resolution via voice vote. Some changes were implemented to the resolution following discussions with libertarian Republican Senator for Kentucky, Rand Paul.

In a statement, Graham said that he was “very excited” to have passed the resolution and that the United States should do everything possible to aid the investigation by providing information to the International Criminal Court in a timely way.

Not only have Russian troops targeted civilian buildings with missiles in Ukraine, but dozens of hospitals have also been hit by rockets and other munitions in the last three weeks. The use of thermo-weapons, which get so hot that they can vaporize human bodies, has also been widely reported.

The next step, Graham says, is to work with British and other NATO allies to create an “intel cell” that will provide information about war crimes that have been committed and the Russian commanders who committed them.

“A name and shame campaign is in the making,” he said.

The effort was supported by far-left New York Senator Chuck Schumer, who is also the Senate Majority Leader, who said that Russian President Vladimir Putin “cannot escape accountability for the atrocities committed against the Ukrainian people.”

The resolution was widely supported by both parties and cosponsored by more than 20 Senators.