Senate Democrats Briefed on Possible Rules Change

( Last week, a former leadership staffer briefed Senate Democrats about possible rules changes they could make that would make it easier for them to pass their so-called “voting rights” legislation.

During a closed-door caucus lunch on Friday, Marty Paone, a former secretary of the Democrat conference and parliamentary rules expert, briefed a group of Democrat Senators.

The Democrats, who made full use of the Senate rules protecting the minority back when they were the minority, now want to blow those rules apart to ram through massive legislation in a 50/50 Senate.

Most notably, Democrats want to rid themselves of the filibuster so they can pass their widely unpopular agenda with a bare 51 vote majority.

But all the plans and closed-door luncheons in the world won’t make a bit of difference if they can’t get all fifty Democrats to sign on to the rules changes. And over the weekend, West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin monkey-wrenched the Democrats’ schemes completely when he announced that he would not vote for the massive Build Back Better welfare spending bill.

In a statement released Sunday, Manchin again argued that he could not support adding trillions of dollars in spending at a time when inflation is at a 40-year high and consumer prices are through the roof.

His statement was met with outrage from the American corporate news media, Democrat lawmakers, and the White House with most conceding that Manchin’s opposition will effectively kill the Biden agenda this year.

Meanwhile, both Manchin and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Sinema continue to remain steadfastly opposed to getting rid of the filibuster rule. So what’s the point of Democrats holding these briefings other than to appease their more radical base?

To change any rule would require every Democrat Senator to vote in favor of the rule change. That is highly unlikely.

This is the problem the current Democrat majority has. They are trying to legislate as if they have a sweeping mandate to pass major, society-changing legislation when they don’t. They have the smallest of majorities in the House and are tied 50/50 in the Senate. Having to rely on the Vice President to cast a tie-breaking vote is not a mandate.