Sen. Cotton Slams Biden’s ‘Soros’ Backed’ D.A. Nomination For U.S. Attorney For MA

( For years now, billionaire George Soros has been bankrolling the campaigns of radical Left attorneys hoping to install anti-police, pro-criminal district attorneys in major cities throughout the US. Some of Soros’ success stories include the radical Kim Gardner in St. Louis who prosecuted the McCluskeys for protecting their home from BLM rioters last summer. The radical San Francisco’s DA Chesa Boudin, as well as Philadelphia’s radical progressive DA Larry Krasner, are also in office thanks to George Soros’ financial backing.

Another Soros-backed district attorney, Boston’s Rachel Rollins, is now on the verge of being confirmed by the Democrat-led Senate to serve as one of Joe Biden’s US Attorneys. Last week, the Senate Judiciary Committee deadlocked on advancing her nomination to the full Senate in an 11-to-11 tie vote.

But failing to make it out of committee is no guarantee that the radical, defund-the-police, pro-criminal Rollins will not be confirmed. Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer can bypass the Judiciary Committee and bring her nomination to the full Senate for a vote. And it is likely that will happen any day.

Leading the opposition to this Soros puppet are Republican Judiciary Members Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas.

Senator Cotton appeared on the Hugh Hewitt Show last week where he slammed, not only Rollins’ nomination, but what he called President Biden’s penchant for nominating George Soros-backed extremist attorneys.

Citing Rachel Rollins, whom Biden nominated to serve as US Attorney for Massachusetts, Cotton slammed her record of being soft on crime. During her tenure, Cotton told Hewitt, there has been a dramatic rise in crime. Rollins famously said that her goal as district attorney was to destroy the criminal justice system. Cotton also told Hewitt of an infamous incident where Rollins allegedly accosted a private citizen on Christmas Eve.

In what apparently was a road rage incident, Rollins allegedly impersonated a police officer and confronted a woman at the South Bay Mall on Christmas eve last year. After threatening the woman, Rollins erratically fled the scene, blowing through a red light and driving away.

Cotton told Hewitt that he and the other Republicans are working to expose the Democrat Senate’s effort to push through Biden’s radical, dangerous nominees. He pointed out that almost every city with exploding crime rates has a Soros-backed DA.

There is no doubt that Rollins will be confirmed. The last deadlocked nominee, former ecoterrorist Tracy Stone Manning – whom Biden nominated to head up the Bureau of Land Management — was confirmed last week after Schumer brought her nomination to a floor vote.