Secret Service Confirms The Cocaine Was Real

On Sunday, a suspicious powdery white substance was found in the West Wing of the White House.

Reports reveal that additional testing verified the material to be the illegal narcotic cocaine, according to a representative for the United States Secret Service quoted by media reports days later.

The finding sparked rumors that the drugs belonged to President Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, who has a history of drug abuse and had lately been seen in the White House. Officials did not reveal whether or whether Hunter Biden is a suspect.

A person close to the inquiry told a media outlet that the cocaine was found in a little plastic pouch inside a cubby utilized by employees and visitors. After the finding, the White House was evacuated for a short time.

The West Wing holding room was first reported as the location of the cocaine, but authorities familiar with the event informed the outlet that the cocaine was discovered in the ground floor library. 

An official Explained that the cubby had been utilized by staff and guests to keep phones and other personal stuff.

A report reveals that Hunter Biden hasn’t been added to White House visitor’s records, which is a way for his father’s administration to hide his son’s frequent visits. The problem has prompted speculation about whether Joe Biden and his political allies are aware that Hunter poses a security danger to the White House and are just trying to keep him hidden in what many people believe to be the crucial structure in the world.

Reports show numerous photos and texts on Hunter’s “laptop from hell” document his cocaine usage, including his sexual encounters involving Hallie Biden, the wife of his deceased brother Beau. Not only have Hunter and Hallie Biden battled cocaine addiction but so have the other members of the Biden family.

A report shows that in the same verified journal in which Hunter’s sister Ashley accused their father, Joe Biden, of doing unspeakable things to her as a girl, details are written of Ashley’s long-term battle with the addictive substance.