Search Warrant Not Used By Kenosha Police Despite Having One

( As the Kyle Rittenhouse case unfolds in court, it was shockingly revealed that detectives in Kenosha didn’t execute a search warrant for the cell phone of armed left-wing rioter Gaige Grosskreutz, who recently admitted in court that he was armed and that Rittenhouse only shot after people pointed weapons at him.

Detective Martin Howard revealed that following the incident, officers were granted a search warrant to search Grosskreutz’s phone, but for some reason nobody took advantage of it. Howard said that it’s the only time during his three years working as a detective that a warrant has not been executed.

Howard was cross-examined by Mark Richards, the defense attorney representing Rittenhouse, on Wednesday. The cross-examination proved a pivotal part of the case, confirming that Rittenhouse fired at Grosskreutz and two others when it appeared as though his own life was in danger.

Grosskreutz also turned out to be the only person of interest in the entire case whose phone was not accessed and downloaded onto police computers. Not only that, but the Grosskreutz’s interview with officers was not recorded.


Grosskreutz was shot in the bicep by Rittenhouse after he raised a handgun and pointed it at Rittenhouse’s head. He has a long history of breaking the law, with a criminal record for burglary. He is also allegedly a member of the far-left People’s Revolution Movement of Milwaukee.

He has long claimed to be a victim of Rittenhouse, but was caught out online when he said that his only regret was “not emptying the entire mag into him.”

Hopefully the vicious extremism of these left-wing arsonists and rioters will be exposed by the court case – but we still don’t have answers on why police officers inadvertently (or advertently) buried evidence…