Sean Hannity Calls For Putin’s Assassination

( Fox News anchor Sean Hannity caused a stir last week when he suggested that one possible way to end the unprovoked aggression in Ukraine would be to assassinate Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Hannity made the comments during his Wednesday radio show, responding to Putin’s decision to put his nuclear weapon systems on “high alert” and send in troops to Ukraine to take control over the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Russian troops soon started bombing Ukrainian cities, with fighting resulting in thousands of casualties and massive destruction.

NATO allies have refrained from sending in troops to respond to Russia, knowing that it would likely initiate a Third World War…and Hannity publicly pondered whether one solution would be to assassinate Putin.

“What we really need in this crisis, more than anything else, is a worldwide condemnation,” he said. “And it’s a simple new rule that if you invade an innocent sovereign country, and you kill innocent men, women, and children, you don’t deserve to live. That’s the bottom line.”

“You cut the head of the snake off and you kill the snake,” he added, suggesting that Putin is the snake.

He also made reference to an executive order signed by President Gerald Ford in 1976 which prevents anyone in the United States government from engaging in assassination attempts just like this, arguing that perhaps the executive order should be rescinded.

He also suggested that if no NATO country took credit took responsibility for the assassination, then it may prevent further military escalation.

What do you think? Could it really be that simple?

Hear Hannity make the comments here.