SCOTUS Makes Historic Ruling

( The Supreme Court just made a unanimous ruling against allowing aliens who have “Temporary Protected Status” to become permanent residents. It’s something that even the Democrats can’t claim is a result of President Donald Trump’s legitimate nomination and appointment of three conservative judges, as the entire panel agreed.

The ruling, which was announced on Monday, means that TPS recipients will be ineligible to receive a green card – which would make them a legal permanent resident of the United States – if they entered the country illegally and were not admitted by an immigration officer.

Under the TPS scheme, illegal aliens are protected from being deported and are able to work legally in the United States if they are incapable of returning to their home country because of an ongoing humanitarian crisis or war.

Currently, more than 400,000 immigrants live in the United States with protection under the scheme, and the ruling from the Supreme Court upholds American immigration laws.

You’d think it would be something that Vice President Kamala Harris supports given her recent conversion on the issue of the border. Harris told an audience in Guatemala this week that America will continue to enforce its border laws and directly told potential illegal aliens in the South American country “do not come.”

But you can bet the White House is going to be mad at this.

Obviously, radical left-wing activists went crazy over the decision.

Civil rights litigator Karen Tumlin said that the decision by the nation’s highest judges, who understand the nation’s laws better than anyone, was an indication that Congress must “pass real reform” under the “Promise Act.”

Left-wing propaganda outlet “Now This” was all over the story, too, working with the Emerson Collective to advocate for illegal aliens to be allowed access to the “adjustment of status” system that gives people green cards.

How long do you think it will be before the White House gets involved and/or packs the court so this decision can be overturned?