Scientists Uncover An Ancient Weapon

( According to the findings of research released on February 1st, an ancient bone fragment is the earliest known hunting weapon to have been used in the United States.

The researchers stated that the find “shows that individuals predating Clovis created and utilized osseous weapons for hunting megafauna in the Pacific Northwest during the Blling-Allerd.” This also provided evidence of the earliest known man-made weapon in the United States.

The short warming episode that occurred just before the beginning of the Younger Dryas “little ice-age” is referred to by its scientific term, the Blling-Allerd.

According to Ancient Origins, the self-described Pop Archaeology site, the projectile is also morphologically distinct from those discovered from later civilizations, specifically the Clovis culture. Establishment archaeologists continue to argue that the Clovis culture is the only original culture of complex humans despite vast swaths of evidence suggesting otherwise.

Ancient Origins said the shard was first discovered wedged in the ribs of a mastodon at the Manis site in Washington in the 1970s. However, it was not until recently that experts at Texas A&M University conducted an analysis of the specimen.

The weapon is a projectile that was fashioned from the bone of another mastodon.

According to the findings of the research, the process of digital excavation showed that the piece was a projectile point fashioned by humans. This indicates that people were hunting mastodons on the American continent as early as 13,900 years ago.

According to the author of the research, Michael Waters, who was interviewed by Ancient Origins, “We extracted the bone pieces, printed them out, and assembled them.” “This unequivocally demonstrated that the item in question was the apex of a bone projectile point. This is the oldest bone projectile point ever found in the Americas, and it is also the earliest piece of direct proof that humans hunted mastodons in the Americas.