School Official Faces Legal Action After Creating “Dossier” On Parents

( Jann-Michael Greenburg, the former president of the Scottsdale Unified School District, is accused of collecting a “dossier of social security numbers, property data, and divorce judgments, among other personal information, of three Arizona parents. The parents have filed a lawsuit.

According to the complaint, the dossier was developed to stifle and penalize dissenting voices and intimidate any potential speakers who might dare to express an opposing point of view at school board meetings. The dossier contained the names and information of forty-seven parents that challenged the district’s curriculum.

The complaint alleged that the defendants employed both legal and unlawful measures to achieve their unconstitutional purpose. They gathered reams of public and private data about the Plaintiffs, including their employment, finances, medical histories, family histories, homes, and children. The Plaintiffs and their children were also filmed and photographed.

The Scottsdale Unified School District, Jann-Michael Greenburg, Greenburg’s father, and Greenburg’s father’s wife are named in the lawsuit, according to reports.

According to news reports, Greenburg accused district parent Kim Stafford of being “anti-Semitic” on statements she made about George Soros in an email sent to her in August that included a screenshot and a link to a Google Drive file.

According to the lawsuit, Greenburg also publicly accused Plaintiff Kim Stafford of being anti-Semitic, conspiratorial, and biased. Jann-Michael submitted files of his clams that were from the Google Drive. It contained activity on a Facebook Group that Ms. Stafford followed, and even after Ms. Stafford’s departure from the group. Jann Michael included a screenshot of a public Google Drive link to one of the numerous files Mark Greenburg had accumulated concerning the Facebook Group.
Scottsdale Unified parent Amanda Wray told local media that the file featured photographs of Wray’s minor daughters. Greenburg also had photos and documents of her properties. She said she was not a political opponent but a concerned parent. She questioned why and what Greenburg intended to do with those images.
Folders included in the drive were reportedly labeled with derogatory phrases about the parents. One folder had a video showing parents holding protest signs.

Mark Greenburg, the former SUSD president’s father, is said to have produced the dossier.
Amanda Wray, a plaintiff in the case, told local news that the dossier caused her to quit participating in the Arizona district’s activities because she was afraid for her safety.
After the district hired investigators to look into the Greenburg matter, he was demoted from his position. Unfortunately, he is still an active board member.