School Offers “VIP Seating” For Vaccinated Students

( Even children can’t escape from the madness of vaccine mandates and medical discrimination, it seems, as a report from The Post Millennial shows how a Washington elementary is schooling is giving vaccinated children “VIP seating” to protect them from unvaccinated classmates.

An email sent on January 14 by the dean of Cedar River Elementary described how the school is “fortunate to have a designated lunchroom” with limited space, and that to solve that limited space they are “getting creative to keep kids safe on campus.”

“We are utilizing VIP seating to ensure fully vaccinated students who are close contacts have the ability to stay safe,” he said, adding that vaccinated children will be given the “added privilege of recognizing other students doing the right thing by handing out Otter Paws.”

The email has since been stripped from the school website, but it soon went viral when angry parents shared the email online. It’s not the first time that a Washington school has hit the headlines over insane COVID measures, either. Remember the story of kindergarten children being forced to eat their lunches outside in freezing temperatures, sitting on upturned buckets?

The email from Cedar River Elementary may no longer be on the school website, but the internet doesn’t forget. You can see it in the post below:

Speaking to The Post Millennial, parents of children at the school said that the “VIP” seating was given only to vaccinated children, but a representative of the Tahoma School District denied the claims and said that the seating was granted based on whether children were “close contacts.”

“These students who were identified as close contacts are the ones who Cedar River placed in the ‘VIP’ seating area. It was not determined by vaccination status. Those students were also not publicly identified as close contacts,” a statement read.

Interesting. That’s not what the original email said, is it?

Local families were offered an update on the new seating rule directly from the school in an unlisted YouTube video, which we have linked below. In the video, it was explained that the seating rules were “miscommunicated” to families.

Sure. Sure they were.