School Hosts Drag Show to Benefit Pro-Trans Group

( It was reported last week that Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center’s Office of Global Health was planning to host a drag show called “Spring Queening” last Thursday to raise money for an organization that promotes transgender “healthcare” for children.

However, after the scheduled event drew swift public backlash, school officials decided to put the “Spring Queening” charity drag show on hold.

In a statement on Thursday, TTUHSC announced that the event, hosted by the Office of Global Health and the TTUHSC’s Genders & Sexualities Alliance would be postponed “to allow for additional coordination and planning.”

Ah yes. It was because they needed more time to coordinate and plan the event. Sure.

No, the real reason was that the announced drag show, open to “all ages,” was met with vehement opposition, not just because it was inappropriate, but also because the proceeds were going to a radical organization that advocates for the medical “transitioning” of children.

The “Spring Queening” drag show was ostensibly to “raise awareness” of the so-called “health care inequalities” of the “LGBTQIA+ community.” Though the event was free, attendees were encouraged to bring dollar bills to “tip” the drag performers.

This “tip” money would then go to benefit the political advocacy group Equality Texas, an organization that has been fighting to stop Texas from banning “transgender” surgical and chemical mutilation of minors.

The fact that this event was being hosted by Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center was especially galling as TTUHSC is instrumental in training thousands of Texas students to prepare for a career in medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and other healthcare fields.

Shouldn’t such an institution be aware of the irreversible harm caused by subjecting young children to puberty blocks and surgeries?

It is unsurprising that the charity drag show benefiting those who promote transgenderism in minors would be met with pushback.

Whether the “postponed” event ever takes place remains to be seen.