School Board President’s History Of Snide Remarks Comes To Light

( Last week, the president of a California school district was forced to apologize after cursing at a parent during a school board meeting on mask requirements for students.

Los Alamitos School Board President Marlys Davidson was caught on a hot mic on Tuesday muttering “F**k you” to a parent speaking out against mask mandates in schools. Lauren Roupoli, who was wearing a Gadsden flag around her shoulders, had just finished speaking when some in the crowd began clapping. Over the sparse applause, Davidson could be heard muttering her vulgar comment:

The next day, Davidson released a statement by way of apology saying that she was deeply sorry for making the inappropriate comment. She stated that she would apologize to Roupoli personally, and reiterated that members of the public deserve to be heard with respect. Davidson closed by reaffirming her “commitment to serve” the community with “dignity and integrity.”

It was discovered later, however, that Davidson’s course response to Roupoli wasn’t even the only inappropriate comment she made during last Tuesday’s meeting.

At one point, Davidson introduced two speakers whom she referred to as “Clare C.” and “Leah R.,” then capped off the introduction by muttering, “Oh God, here we go.”

Her contrition notwithstanding, it is clear that Marlys Davidson has nothing but contempt for the parents of the Los Alamitos School District.

COVID-19 and the fight over Critical Race Theory have pulled the curtain back and exposed just how little school boards think of parents. After years of running their little fiefdoms as they like, parents waking up and demanding accountability is not bringing out the best in these people.

The battle lines have been drawn – not just in Virginia, but throughout the country.

And rather than honestly address the issue, Democrats have doubled down on protecting their monopoly on public education.

On Monday, in his final rally before Tuesday’s election, Virginia Democrat Terry McAuliffe chose, of all people, America Federation of Teachers president Randi Weingarten to speak at the event.

They don’t care about the parents. They never did.